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Brown Sugar SOUTHERN STAR Advanced Black Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

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This luxurious advanced black bronzer is a sweet-yet-serious kick of color for a gorgeous tan with super-soft max silicones. Brown Sugar bronzers kiss skin with a dark perfection worthy of admiration while an exclusive Sun-Conscious™ serum forgives your skin's wild ways with essential nutrients & conditioning.

  • Tattoo enhancing complex makes your ink look pretty
  • Max Silicones & Body Butters bless skin with a super softness
  • Brown Sugar's Black bronzers ensure the deepest, sexy tan

Even if you're from the cold north, you can get the golden glow of a Southern Belle year round with the help of Brown Sugar SOUTHERN STAR Advanced Black Bronzer. This unique bronzing formula is a true tanning superstar and is designed to improve tanning results while addressing signs of damage that have arisen due to UV exposure. The formula contains Brown Sugar's exclusive black bronzer complex, a combination of enhancers that help to speed up tanning results. As a result, you can get your skin to your desired level of darkness much quicker and maintain them with ease.

Brown Sugar SOUTHERN STAR Advanced Black Bronzer features an exclusive Sun Conscious serum that helps to rejuvenate and renew damaged skin tissue to soften lines and improve skin firmness. A combination of max silicones and body butters supplies nourishment and hydration to the skin, leaving it touchably soft and smooth. The formula even features a complex that makes tattoos brighter and more beautiful.


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