California Tan

California Tan COLOR MAXIMIZER Step 1 Tanning Primer - 6 oz.

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  • Step 1 - Primes skin for darker color
  • Exceptional quick-dry formulation allow dripless application and instant hydration to prime skin for darker color.
  • Protein infused to balance skin functionality and provide longer lasting results.
  • Maximizes both Sunless and UV sessions.
  • Contains unique combination of Ginseng Gynostemma, known to increase skin respiration nourish and protect.
  • Fresh, sunny fragrance

Reviews (4)

Courtney/swimuk9296 23rd Dec 2016

A New Favorite!

I was reluctant to try this, but in all honesty, I am glad I did! This is a great primer -- thus, CT labeling it a maximizer is a tad bit misleading. Frankly, I use this more prior to UV tanning (vs. spraying) when using a natural or DHA bronzer -- I will apply this after my shower, then apply my lotion at the salon just prior to my session.

Laura Decker 13th Aug 2016

Not the best but good for the price

I thought this product was a lotion but it's a gel. It does dry fast but I'm not the type of person who likes the feel of gel on. But I orederd 3 so I'll learn to like it.

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