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Designer Skin BLACK DAHLIA FLOURISH Tanning Oil - .5 oz. Packet

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Dark Reflections 45X Color Matrix • Miracle Tamanu Oil with Skinny Sugar™ • Night|Shift Aromatherapy Infusion

  • Dark Reflections 45X Color Matrix combines Designer Skin’s world-renowned instant and delayed bronzing technologies to create this State of the Art bronzer
  • Miracle Tamanu Oil, known for centuries as the “Oil of the gods and goddesses”, helps to firm, smooth and hydrate the skin
  • Skinny Sugar™ contains an ingredient famously known to help breakdown fats and attract moisture; aiding in the appearance of tone, radiant skin
  • Night|Shift Aromatherapy Infusion entices you to breathe deeply, as this coveted aphrodisiac of Blue Lotus and Queen of the Night flowers help provide a sexy boost of confidence
  • Fragrance: Queen of the Night

Reviews (3)

2nd May 2017

Better lotions out there!

For me, Black Dahlia Flourish didn't do much. I used a level 5 bed with a packet of this from the salon and there wasn't much of a color difference for me. A plus side was the fact that it smelled better than a lot of Designer Skin's lotion. I liked the vanilla/plum notes but it faded quickly after tanning. In my opinion I feel like Yes Way Rosé gives better color with a longer scent (strawberry champagne), and cheaper price tag.

Amber Duffield 10th Apr 2017

Great lotion! You can results after first can see GREAT results after just 2 or 3 uses!!!

Great ATO...and I saw instant results from using just one packet! I used another packet of it the next day and had some pretty good color then. This lotion does produce good color, but I feel like it could be a little darker. If it got me just a little bit darker I think it would literally be my go-to 100%. However, IT IS ONLY 45X BRONZERS so I guess I can't really say too much about the color I get from it. Designer Skin's Elusive definitely gets me darker, but there is something about this lotion I really like. I will most definitely be purchasing a BOTTLE soon!

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