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Designer Skin MISS DESIGNER Triple Bronzer - .5 oz. Packet

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Signature 55X Mega Bronzer

Triple Bronzing Boost™ + Glam Guardian™

Illustrious Silicone™ with Fit Figure™ Contour Technology

  • Signature 55X Mega Bronzer is Designer Skin’s darkest combination of immediate bronzers with DS ProBronze Extend™ for beautifully balanced color that will continue to develop hours after tanning
  • Triple Bronzing Boost™ provides skin with instant cosmetic color that can deepen during and after tanning for the most drastic immediate results possible
  • Glam Guardian™ helps set bronzers on the skin in place and can make them less likely to transfer
  • Illustrious Silicone™ Tanning Serum has a velvety and lightweight feel to ensure optimal bronzer bendability during application, while working to prevent dehydration for supple skin
  • Fit Figure™ Contour Technology provides a soft focus effect to help visibly improve skin’s texture from every angle
  • Fragrance: Sparkling Pear

High-fashion style, glammed to perfection with a fabulous crew and a hunky hearthrob on your arm.  Some girls just have it all! Designed for the ultimate "it girl", Designer Skin's Signature 55x Mega Bronzer with Illustrious Silicone amd Fit Figure will ensure that you always look twice as good as the girl standing next to you.  Need a flawless bronze in a hurry?  Triple Bronzing Boost will have you glowing in an instant while Glam Guardian protects your couture.  Flaunt it if you got it....and Miss Designer you do!!!


Reviews (2)

Katie Riley 11th Aug 2017

A must-use

Easily one of the best tanning lotions I've ever used! Wouldn't spend the entire amount on the bottle but I enjoy using a packet from time to time

LACEY ADAMS 6th Feb 2017

One of the Best

I feel like I need to put my 2 cents in since I have used SO many products over the years. This is one of the best lotions I have ever used. I usually buy the sample packs for a quick color boost but It would be SO much cheaper to buy a bottle from Out of all honesty this is one of the BEST tanning lotions out there! The smell is a like a pear/ floral. No ATO. COLOR IS INSTANT.

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