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Designer Skin Modern Bomb Shell 300XX Ultimate Sizzle Complex - 13.5 oz.

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This legendary hottie is now hotter than EVER with a 300XX sizzle and a 16X bronzing blend! Oxygen Infused Anti-Aging Emulsion to give you a timeless look. 

  • Contains Nuts, Aloe and DHA
  • Eythulose, Hemp and Gluten Free
  • 16X Bronzer with Ultra Pure DHA, MelanINK™ Bronzing Technology, and natural bronzers provide deep rich, color
  • 300XX Ultimate Sizzle Complex provides immediate color through an ultra intense tingle and reddening sensation
  • Oxygen Infused Age-Defying Concentrate helps promote increased brightness and rejuvenation to dull, lifeless skin
  • Fragrance: Rose Berry

Times have changed since the very first bronzing formulas hit the market in the 1960s and 1970s, so why use an indoor tanning lotion that's still formulated like those vintage products? The Designer Skin Modern Bomb Shell 300XX Ultimate Sizzle Complex is a tanning complex for the new millennium, packed with revolutionary ingredients that will transform you into the ultimate bronze bombshell.

Even experienced tanners will be electrified by the formula's 300XX Ultimate Sizzle Complex that will cause a rush of blood to your skin, supplying the melanin-producing cells with oxygen to get them ready to work. The formula also contains an exclusive 16X Bronzer Complex, which combines MelanINK Bronzing Technology for immediate color with Ultra Pure DHA for sustained coloration hours after you tan.

The Designer Skin Modern Bomb Shell 300XX Ultimate Sizzle Complex drops a bomb of age-fighting ingredients on the skin cells with the Oxygen Infused Age-Defying Concentrate, which helps to stimulate cellular repair to make signs of aging less noticeable.


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STACY 9th Mar 2016


This lotion is definitely not for people who are not experienced with tinglers. It works great though. Nice color. Great smell.

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