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Designer Skin NAKED AMBITION Hypoallergenic Natural Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

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Look good naked with this hypoallergenic, natural bronzer. Perfectly blended Silk Amino Acids and Shea Butter, your skin will be irresistibly soft and touchable.

  • Bare It All Natural Bronzers infused with MelanINK Technology and Copper to provide naturally dark, even color without DHA and Erythrulose
  • Radiant Hydration Blend with Opti-Glow was designed especially for dry, sensitive skin to help restore suppleness and luminosity
  • Groundbreaking 3D Protect Technology locks in moisture, promotes skin cell regeneration and instantly cleanses, creating the trifecta of healthy skin
  • Fragrance: Luscious Starfruit 

If your ambition is to look as hot out of your clothing as you do in that sexy outfit, you can't afford to have irritated skin. Unfortunately, hotties with sensitive complexions often find themselves ridden with breakouts and rashes due to tanning. The Designer Skin NAKED AMBITION Hypoallergenic Natural Bronzer helps you get that gorgeous tan to have you looking great in the buff without exposing your skin to irritants that can lead to allergic reactions.

The formula contains Bare It All Natural Bronzers and uses MelanINK Technology and real copper to push your skin to the darkest level of tan possible without the need for DHA or erythrulose. This gives you gorgeous results without all the chemicals.

Sensitive skin is also more prone to dryness than other types, which is why the Designer Skin NAKED AMBITION Hypoallergenic Natural Bronzer contains the Radiant Hydration Blend, a complex that replenishes moisture and leaves the skin brighter and smoother. The Groundbreaking 3D Protect complex works with the emollients, locking in moisture and disinfecting the tissue.


Reviews (5)

Jacqui M 9th Jul 2017

my sensitive skin likes it

I'm using a 60 booth with this and getting a very nice brown color, and my sensitive skin seems to like it. I love the smell also, it's fruity and not overpowering. The only thing I dislike is this bottle is sooooo firm it's difficult to get the lotion out of it. Aggravates me every time I use it. But, with sensitive skin, I better not rock the boat. Glad there is something that works well for us sensitive girls.

Liza 24th Feb 2016

Awesome Product

I just purchased my second bottle of Naked Ambition. I have eczema and have had problems with some other hypoallergenic products. This one is amazing. I got dark really fast and it leaves my skin smooth and glowing and it smells wonderful. I will definately continue to use this product and I recommend this for anyone who has skin issues.

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