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Designer Skin TINY BUBBLES Shower Gel - 16 oz.

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Lather up this rich and creamy formula to gently cleanse away dirt, oil and other impurities, while a nourishing blend of Natural Oils help to moisturize skin and protect bronze color.

  • Rich Moisturizing Formula utilizes mild skin cleansers infused with natural oils, leaving skin refreshed, hydrated and radiant
  • VitaPlus with Opti-Glow Blend features a coveted mix of vitamins and skin conditioners to help promote younger looking skin
  • Specially formulated to lather up in the shower or drizzle under warm water for a luxurious fragrant bubble bath!
  • Fragrance: Crushed Pineapple and Coconut

When you shower, your goal is to wash away the sweat, impurities and excess oil that accumulate on your skin throughout your day. What you don't expect is for your soap or body wash to also remove the nutrients and vital moisture from the tissue in the process. Unfortunately, that's what many cleansers do, and their effects can leave your skin parched and cause your tan to fade prematurely.

The Designer Skin TINY BUBBLES Shower Gel is the ideal way for tanners to bathe and is formulated to replenish nutrients and moisture rather than washing them away.

The Designer Skin TINY BUBBLES Shower Gel contains a blend of natural oils that restore moisture in the skin, leaving you less likely to peel after tanning.

The formula also includes VitaPlus with an Opti-Glow Blend to improve skin's radiance, soften wrinkles and protect your skin from developing fine lines in the future. Scented with the fragrance of coconut and pineapple, the shower gel enlivens the senses when used in the shower and can be uses as a bubble bath in the tub.


Reviews (7)

Courtney/swimuk9296 24th Dec 2016


I strongly feel that there are many things about this body wash/bubble bath that will appeal to just about any age, both genders . . . it is fresh without being "too much" scent wise and lathers well -- a bottle will LAST. Grab a couple from Eric and team and stock up!

Danielle Demarais 28th Jun 2016


This shower gel is a must have for any tanner. I've noticed my color looking stronger and not washing off down the drain but I still feel super clean when I leave the shower. I was worried it wouldn't clean as well because it's gentle but that is not the case, I use it after my gym sessions and come out smelling amazing. The pineapple scent is delicious and not over whelming. I use it on a soft loofa and I understand it's name because you get a million tinny bubbles, it bubbles up strong and rinses off leaving no residue. What it does leave is your skin hydrated, silky soft and glowing. I can't live without this shower gel it's 100% worth every penny. The container is large and with Tanforless' great prices it's comparable price wise to any other body wash on the market.

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