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Devoted Creations OWL TAN U Instant Bronzer Lotion - 8.5 (Clearance)

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Owl Tan U’s intoxicatingly addictive fragrance and lush triple dark bronzers make this tanning elixir such a hoot! Blended with camu camu berries to help slow down the aging process.

  • Lightweight lotion
  • Extreme immediate and delayed bronzers
  • Anti-aging and skin-firming benefits
  • Juicy Pineapple Orange fragrance

Whoooo wants a gorgeous tan and youthful, glowing skin? You? Then, you need to discover Devoted Creations Owl Tan U! This bronzer provides immediate bronzing benefits and then helps accelerate tanning, so that you can get more of a natural glow during your session. DHA is also featured in the formula to make your tan as dark as the night when the owls come out! The lotion is very light in weight, so it's easy to apply and becomes absorbed very quickly.

Devoted Creations Owl Tan U helps to protect and perfect your skin while you tan. With the antioxidants found in real camu camu berries, the bronzer neutralizes the harmful particles in sunlight that contribute to wrinkles. Seaweed in the formula helps to purge impurities from your skin while leaving behind protein that can help to improve its firmness and tone. Beeswax lubricates the skin to limit the amount of moisture your skin loses due to heat and hydrates the tissue for a soft, silky feel.


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26th Jun 2014

Get darker

I have been tanning for months and had hit a wall with getting darker. This lotion helped me get that extra bit of color I needed. I always pick lotions with a great smell and this one has it!

jl 10th Jun 2014

Great scent!

This scent is addictive. Good lotion.

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