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Devoted Creations SUPERMODEL in a BOTTLE Bronzer - 12.25 oz.

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Rapid release ultra bronzing lotion. Sexy and Sleek BB Creme bronzer with matte finish.

  • MelaTime™   - Boost melanin for faster, darker tanning results
  • AcquaCell™   - Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Red Algae     - Hydrates the skin without clogging pores
  • L22             - Botanically derived to help increase long and short-term skin hydration
  • Bodyfit™      - Reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes firmness
  • Baobab        - Very rich source of calcium and vitamin C
  • Freshtek™    - A proprietary blend of skin deoderizing and freshening ingredients
  • Midnight Sugar fragrance
  • Green Tea and Oxygen Complex - Works to tighten and firm while also reducing redness in the skin

How do supermodels get catwalk ready? They don't rely on the sun to give them their gorgeous tans! They use premium bronzers and the tanning bed to bring out that color, and with Devoted Creations SUPERMODEL in a BOTTLE Bronzer, you can do the same! This bronzer helps you get the most out of every tanning session while instantly improving the appearance of the skin, so you'll look radiant and gorgeously dark from head to toe. The formula features MelaTime, Devoted Creations exclusive melanin booster that helps it kick pigment production into overdrive.

Devoted Creations SUPERMODEL in a BOTTLE Bronzer features an array of skin care ingredients to nourish, soften and rejuvenate your skin. AquaCell helps to soften fine lines while Bodyfit fights cellulite. Red algae provides non-greasy hydration that lasts for hours while the botanical extract L22 gives skin the burst of instant moisture that it needs to keep from drying out in the tanning bed. The formula also contains antioxidant-rich baobab and green tea extracts.


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audrey 22nd Jul 2015


I'm very pleased with the results from using supermodel in a bottle.

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