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Ed Hardy OOH LA LUXE FACE Bronzer - 4 oz.

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This multi-use tinted facial lotion that gives an instant, ultra-even, radiant glow to the skin. Blemish-fighting and deeply hydrating will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth with an all over healthy, sun-kissed glow!

  • Facial Bronzing Blend - Self tanning agents to help you develop a flawless facial tan.
  • Acai Berry & Pomegranate Extract - Super fruit antioxidants.
  • Vitamin C - Fights free radial damage and boosts collagen production.
  • Wheat Protein – Tightens skin instantly.
  • Fragrance: Sweet Pink Passion Fruit
  • To Use: Apply liberally to face prior to tanning.

Put your best face forward wherever you go with Ed Hardy OOH LA LUXE FACE Bronzer. This unique formula is made especially for the needs of facial skin, so it's extra gentle and easy to apply. The bronzer also contains ingredients that help to prevent acne breakouts, promoting healthy, clear skin with every use.

The self-tanner gives your skin a sun-kissed glow within hours of application with a blend of highly effective sunless bronzers. The formula produces natural results and is simple to apply to help prevent streaks and missed spots that can detract from your look.

In addition to being a sunless tanner, the Ed Hardy OOH LA LUXE FACE Bronzer is an anti-aging treatment. The formula includes acai berry extract, pomegranate extract and vitamin C to reduce cellular damage due to sunlight and artificial UV. Vitamin C also assists with collagen production and works with wheat proteins to tight and firm the facial skin, making wrinkles less evident on the complexion.


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Peachytiger 1st Jun 2016

oh my face

I have sensitive skin and this burns my face when I first put this on, though the burning ends pretty soon. My tube is white lotion and doesn't have much of a smell.

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