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Emerald Bay BLACK EMERALD Hypoallergenic Bronzer - 8.5 oz.

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Your skin is as precious as a jewel and deserves to be treated like a real treasure. Fortunately, you can treat your skin like the most precious of emeralds while still getting gorgeous black tanning results from your tanning sessions with Emerald Bay BLACK EMERALD Hypoallergenic Bronzer. This bronzing formula is designed to be extra gentle to the skin as it's 100 percent hypoallergenic. While it's free of common irritants, the formula is packed with bronzers that help your skin respond optimally to UV light in order to give you ultra dark tanning results. Real caramel is added to the formula to add a touch of cosmetic bronze to your skin as well, and there is a dose of DHA included to provide a long-lasting tan.

Emerald Bay BLACK EMERALD Hypoallergenic Bronzer leaves skin as soft and silky as it is dark. The bronzer is infused with sunflower oil, which not only hydrates the tissue but also treats it to an assortment of vital nutrients.


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