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Fake Bake PASSION FRUIT Body Polish - 6 oz.

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A secret to keeping a tan looking it's best at all times is to understand the need to remove the dry skin cells at the surface of the skin. Fake Bake's Passion Fruit Body Polish does exactly that. It contains a high quality blend of botanicals plus Aloe Vera extracts, orange kumquat fruit and ground loofah powder which provide excellent benefits in preparing and softening the skin prior to application of sunless Fake Bake Sunless Tanning Lotion.

Keep product in the shower and apply 1-2 times per week for continued maintenance. Give special scrubbing attention to the knees, elbows, ankles, hands and feet.

Ships to US 48 States only.

Tired of uneven results when you reach for the sunless tanner? Often times, it's not the fault of the product or even your technique that is to blame for streaks and spots; it's your skin that is responsible. When your skin accumulates a large amount of dead cells on it surface, it develops an uneven texture. As a result, your sunless tanner fails to apply unevenly, leaving you with that look that you loathe.

The Fake Bake PASSION FRUIT Body Polish is designed as a pre-treatment before sunless tanning and can help ensure that you get picture perfect results from every self-tanning session. The polish contains ground loofah powder, which lifts away dead skin as well as orange, kumquat and passion fruits, which bear acids that can dissolve cellular debris.

In addition to improving your self-tanning results, the Fake Bake PASSION FRUIT Body Polish helps to smooth and soften your skin tissue. The polish also restores dull skin to its bright, radiant glow.



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