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JWOWW Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

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JWOWW Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer for a dark color explosion with tingle!  A blend and anti-wrinkle ingredients are blended with intense levels of tingle and bronzers for dark color and smooth skin. 

  • Yogurt base infused with black currant oil and pear for visibly smooth skin
  • Tyrosine, melanin and natural bronzers offer outrageously dark color.
  • Mad Hot Tingle Extreme level of Tingle (T100) for immediate reddening 
  • Vitamin E and shea butter keep skin young and vibrant

Struggling to get your base tan to that next level of dark? Don't get mad about your tanning plateau; obliterate it with the JWOWW Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer. Designed only for experienced tanners, this unique bronzing formula ensures maximum coloration and will take you into the deepest real of dark possible.

To kick melanin production into high gear, the bronzer uses a Mad Hot Tingle complex with an extreme level of tingle. Upon contact, the bronzer instantly reddens the skin, evidence that it has increased circulation and awakened the skin cells. When UV exposure begins, your melanin-producing cells will be ready to work with the tyrosine, melanin and natural bronzers in the formula to generate as much pigment as possible during your session.

The JWOWW Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer features a luxurious yogurt base that hydrates the skin. Black currant oil is added to the bronzer for its anti-aging benefits, and vitamin E and shea butter are included in the formula to condition and nourish the skin tissue.


Reviews (2)

Jodie Caldwell 10th Mar 2018


Ours great

Laura Decker 20th Jul 2016

Best tingle product

I have tried a ton of different tanning products and always seem to come to a plato and don't seem to get any darker. Until I bought this product. Used it just once and it kicked my tan right into gear and I got very dark. The only set back is when you get out of the tanner your skin feels very hot like you just got sun burned. It goes away in a couple hours. You will also feel a little itchy, that is just because all tingle lotions bring your blood to the surface of your skin. If you can get past those 2 setbacks you will truly love this lotion.

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