PEEPERS UV Eye Shields

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  • Ergonomically designed to fit the exact shape of the eyes, eliminating tan lines during UV exposure
  • Utilizes quality lens material found in outdoor sunglasses, which allows tanners to make adjustments in the bed without having to remove their goggles
  • Come equipped with an adjustable string for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Meets all FDA regulation specifications for eyewear
  • Modern-looking, stylish appeal that protects eyes from the potentially harmful effects of UV exposure
  • Forward-thinking globe design delivers a customized fit and prevents tan lines from developing on the bridge of the nose and face
  • Available in a variety of colors (we will not guarantee that you receive any one color, these are chosen at random)

The PEEPERS UV Eye Shields are the ideal way to protect your eyes from UV energy and are FDA-approved for use in tanning beds. The shields have a unique design to prevent tan lines on the face and to make them far more comfortable than traditional tanning goggles.

The eye shields have a globe shape, while the bridge piece is raised above the skin, allowing the entire eye area to receive a golden tan. Unlike ordinary goggles, the center of the shields features the same type of lenses used for outdoor sunglasses. This makes it easier to see through the goggles and enables adjustments without the need to first remove the eye protection.

The PEEPERS UV Eye Shields sit comfortably against the face and are kept in place with a string to not interfere with tanning.

The string can be adjusted to keep the eye shields in the perfect position to protect the eyes. These eye shields come in a number of fashionable colors, and one will be randomly selected for you at the time of shipping.


Reviews (2)

Michael 16th Mar 2018


Does the job of protecting the eyes

30th Apr 2015

Must haves

Much better than using those stickers on your eyes that the salons provide...

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