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Pro Tan DIAMONDS ARE A GIRLS BF 50XXX Bronzer - 9.5 oz.

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Instantly Dark Black Bronzing Creamy Gelee. Ultra dark tanning formula with luminous bronzing beads, diamond dust skin illuminators and skin firming complexes.

  • High Power, Fast Acting Accelerating Blend
  • Moisturizes Skin While Tanning
  • Diamond Dust Illuminates While Smoothing Skin Tone
  • 50XXX Black Bronzing Complex For The Darkest Tan
  • CX2 Skin Firming Complex with Caffeine, L-Carnitine, Coenzyme A and Coenzyme Q
  • DHA Develops and Maintains a Deeper, Even Skin Tan
  • Fragrance: Plumeria

With the Pro Tan DIAMONDS ARE A GIRLS BF 50XXX Bronzer, your healthy skin will sparkle as much as your personality. The perfect formula for the girl who knows she deserves to be sitting in the lap of luxury, the bronzer helps to accelerate the darkening of base tans with a 50XXX Black Bronzing Complex, proven to get your tan up to 50 times darker than tanning bare skin alone.

DHA is added to the formula for even blacker results and helps to keep your tanning results lasting beautifully. For an added touch of pizzazz, the formula contains dust from real crushed diamonds, which leaves your skin shimmering and sexy.

As the 50XXX Black Bronzing Complex adds color and shine to your skin from head to toe, the formula also helps to improve its health to give it a natural glow. A moisturizing blend softens the tissue for a silky, sleek finish, while the CX2 Skin Firming Complex with caffeine, l-carnitine and coenzymes A and Q battles cellulite for firm, smooth skin that you're sure to treasure like a fine diamond.


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Kelsi Kibler 10th May 2013


This lotion not only made me darker the first time I used it, but it literally made my body glitter and sparkle. It was not a Lady Gaga level of sparkle but if you got close you could notice. Over all, 5 stars hands down.

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