Supre Tan SHEER BLACK Flawless Bronzing Elixir - 13.5 oz.

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Sheer Black is your new do-it-all dark bronzing elixir. Its DHA bronzers and natural tanning ingredients help prepare the skin for instantly dark color that continues to develop for a flawless, beautiful tan.

  • Instant bronzing blend of DHA and Natural Bronzers for flawless color that continues to develop after UV exposure.
  • Natural tanning ingredients help prepare skin for dark color.
  • Color correcting light reflectors distribute light providing an subtle sheen helps hide imperfections.
  • Toning and firming featuring White Birch and Apple Extracts help to refine skins texture for a smooth appearance.
  • Silky lightweight formula moisturizes for a velvety soft finish.

How dark to you want your tan to be? If you won't be satisfied with anything less than sheer black results from your tan, Supre Tan SHEER BLACK Flawless Bronzing Elixir is the clear choice for your tanning needs. As soon as you apply this powerful elixir, natural tanning ingredients will go to work readying your skin for the tanning bed. When UV exposure begins, your skin can respond more quickly to produce melanin, and the natural tan enhancers in the formula will support the process to help you get a tan as close to black as possible. There's even DHA included in the elixir to further darken your color long after you leave the tanning bed.

The instant you apply Supre Tan SHEER BLACK Flawless Bronzing Elixir, you'll find that imperfections in your skin seem to disappear before your eyes. That's because the elixir includes color correcting light reflectors that help to disguise signs of aging. Plus, the formula features white birch and apple to nourish and tone the skin to permanently reduce the prominence of flaws.


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