Supre TATTOO CHAOS Insane 100X Sizzle Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

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Experience the most unpredictable intense heat and dark bronzing lotion we have ever created with Chaos, Insane 100X Black Sizzle Bronzer. This Ultra Advanced Mega Dark Tingle with Thermal Silicone Black Bronzers delivers a sizzling blaze of extreme darkness for an unforgettable dark tan.  Our Tattoo ColorShield Technology combined with our revolutionary Inkcredible  Moisture Blend helps nourish tattooed skin with hydration for darker, longer lasting color. Chaos is your answer for smoldering bronze results!

  • Extremely powerful thermal silicone bronzing blend combines Black DHA Bronzers with skin stimulators delivering dark rich color while creating an intense hot tingle sensation for the most advanced dark tanning experience possible.
  • Natural tan enhancers help condition skin for more dynamic dark color.
  • Tattoo ColorShield Technology™ combines essential minerals, Aloe and Algae to help maintain the color and vibrancy of tattoos.
  • Inkcredible™ moisture blend with Cocoa Butter, Sunflower and Olive Oil helps rejuvenate and nourish tattooed skin while continually promoting golden color.
  • Recommended for experienced tanners only. Severe warming sensation and redness can last up to several hours after use.

Why should tanning be a chaotic experience? You should be able to relax and unwind in the tanning bed without having to worry about getting lackluster results or ending up with faded tattoos when your session ends. With Supre TATTOO CHAOS Insane 100X Sizzle Bronzer, you can unleash your skin's tanning potential and keep your tattoos looking great every time you tan. Made for experienced tanners, this formula causes a sizzling sensation on contact, waking up your sleepy pigment producing cells, so that they can spring into action and begin tanning immediately. The natural tan enhancers and Black DHA bronzers push darkness to the next level and help your skin get closer and closer to its blackest potential.

Supre TATTOO CHAOS Insane 100X Sizzle Bronzer protects your tattoos from fading as powerfully as it maximizes tanning results. The formula's Inkcredible and Tattoo Color Shield complexes moisturize tattoos, nourish the skin and provide protection from the intense light in the tanning bed.


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