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Swedish Beauty GIRLFRIEND SEXY TINGLE Bronzer - 10 oz.

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20 Color craving tingle bronzers for intense dramatic color.

  • Tropical Berry Bliss fragrance
  • Stay fresh with odor-blocking ingredients
  • Superior blend of grape seed oil, sunflower oil and shea butter for instant hydration and intense color
  • Stevia helps to tone, smooth and firm skin

Every lady has her best girlfriend who she can trust to help her out and make things a little more exciting! Swedish Beauty GIRLFRIEND SEXY TINGLE Bronzer is a revolutionary bronzer that will become your best new tanning girlfriend and will help you unleash your skin's potential to be sexily dark. The formula features a tingling action that stimulates the skin and helps improve the flow of oxygen rich blood to the tissue. This wakes up the cells that produce pigment, so that they can respond to the 20 bronzing ingredients in the formula and make as much melanin as possible.

Swedish Beauty GIRLFRIEND SEXY TINGLE Bronzer contains a unique blend of moisturizers that work immediately to improve hydration levels in the skin. The mixture of grape seed oil, shea butter and sunflower oil is perfectly balanced to ensure optimal conditioning and nourishment with each application. The formula also includes stevia extract to firm the tissue and an ingredient complex that fights odors.


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9th Jun 2016


I really like this tingle

JoanIe CorazzInI 31st May 2016

No redults

I did not like this tingle at all. I didn't feel the tingle nor did I get any color from it. I will not buy this again

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