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Tan Asz U TANIJUANA Hemp Dark 100XXX Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

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Tanijuana's virgin hemp seed oil is nature's finest hydration-essential Omega lipids make skin buttery soft with an even tone and glow. Potent bronzers provide advanced dark and deep color.

  • Advanced 100XXX bronzing provides deeper longer-color for the most discerning tanner
  • Highest concentration of THC-free virgin hemp seed oil for the finest moisturizing available in a tanning lotion
  • Max silicone emulsion for softness and application
  • Maui Wowie Melon fragrance

How dry is your skin? If tanning has left your skin dry and irritated, it's time to try a different way to tan. Tan Asz U Tanijuana High Hemp Crazy Dark 100XXX Bronzer is the latest innovation from Tan Asz U and is formulated to make dryness history while making your skin historically dark. The blend of potent bronzers gets skin up to 100 times bronzer than you could manage to without a tanning lotion, leaving the skin lusciously tan. The formula is free of DHA, so you never have to worry about streaks when you use this bronzer before your session.

Tan Asz U Tanijuana High Hemp Crazy Dark 100XXX Bronzer's active skin care ingredient is 100 percent pure THC-free virgin hemp seed oil. High in essential fatty acids, the oil allows the skin to retain more moisture to help the tissue recover from dryness and avoid the problem returning. Silicones complement the actions of the oil by locking moisture in the skin.


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6th Oct 2016

Not as good as I hoped!!!

Thought it would really get you dark.....but didn't meet my expectations. ..

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