Tanovations TANISTA Plateau Breaking Creme - 13.5 oz.

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Luxurious self adjusting BB Creme and plateau breaking optimizers. Cellulite fighters and anti-reddening skin vitamins.

  • Quad Tyrosine Blend stimulates and increases melanin formation to accelerate the tanning process
  • Melanin synthesizer fir darker, longer lasing results
  • Tattoo & Color fade protector

You want to be the ultimate Tanista, but your color just isn't cooperating. You've reached a major tanning plateau, and your color refuses to go to the next level of dark. Sound familiar? If you're tired of tanning flat line, use Tanovations TANISTA Plateau Breaking Creme prior to your session and restart darkening. This formula combines a number of breakthrough tanning agents to bust plateaus and help you get the results you deserve. The formula includes a melanin synthesizer and a Quad Tyrosine blend to assist with pigmentation and get even the most stubborn skin types much darker.

Tanovations TANISTA Plateau Breaking Creme features a BB cream base that provides multiple benefits. The formula reduces oxidative damage, disguises skin imperfections and moisturizers with every use. In addition, the bronzer is enriched with cellulite fighting ingredients to reduce the prominence of orange peel skin and vitamins that help to decrease the risk of tanning related reddening. A tattoo fade protector rounds out the ingredients.


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1st Nov 2014


Tried a sample pack today, and it does what it says...smells good too.

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