4-Eyez - I-MINIS UV 2-Piece Eye Protection

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Flexisoft I-Mini UV eye protection. It is important for eye protection to fit securely. Do not use if light is visible around sides or under the rim.

Not for use in stand-up tanning devices.  

  • Includes hard plastic carrying/storage case

  • Available in a variety of colors (we will not guarantee any one color, these are chosen at random)

The tanning bed can work wonders for the color of your skin, but it can do a real number on the health of your eyes. In the short-term, exposure to UV energy can cause irritation and redness, and over time, repeated UV exposure can lead to damage to the retina that has the potential to affect vision. Fortunately, you can take steps to protect your eyes without compromising the look of your tan. 4-Eyez I-MINIS UV 2-Piece Eye Protection goggles fully block ultraviolet energy to keep your eyes safe and free of irritation, and they are small enough to help you avoid unsightly tan lines.

Made especially for traditional tanning beds, 4-Eyez I-MINIS UV 2-Piece Eye Protection is made from fine quality flexible materials to ensure longevity and comfort. Sold with a hard plastic storage case, the eyewear comes in an array of stylish colors, and one will be chosen for you at random. Please note that to provide adequate protection, the I-Minis must fully cover the eyes without allowing any light to enter. Do not use if you can see light.


Reviews (2)

Josh 12th May 2019

Mini eye protection with case

Works well and comes in a clear plastic case. I have a pair that stacks on top of each other and these don't. Still nice product and quickly shipped.

Angela 14th Mar 2017

Like the case they come in

Nice durable and conventions for lay down use only

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