4-Eyez - ILIDZ UV Eye Protection

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  • Unique "Tan Under-Bridge" design
  • Oval lens for improved visibility
  • Total UVA and UVB protection
  • FDA and CE compliant

Available in a variety of colors (we will not guarantee any one color, these are chosen at random)

A trip to the tanning bed can do wonders for the color of your skin and help you get that gorgeous glow that you crave. Unfortunately, the intense UV light produced by the tanning bed just isn't good for your gorgeous eyes. You could sport a pair of sunglasses while you tan, but that could leave you with unsightly tan lines around your eyes, nose and temples. 4-Eyez ILIDZ UV Eye Protection is the better solution and will keep your eyes safe while allowing you to get an even, gorgeous tan.

4-Eyez ILIDZ UV Eye Protection fully cover the eyes and provide 100 percent protection from UVA and UVB rays. Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and compliant with CE standards, the UV eye protection has an arched bridge that allows you to still tan your entire nose while ensuring that the eye goggles stay in place. The oval lenses make it easy to see to get in and out of the tanning bed. The sun eye protection solution comes in an assortment of colors. One will be chosen at random at the time of shipping.



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Jesse 23rd May 2019


Best eyewear I've ever used. They fit my eyes perfectly and provide full coverage with no tan lines. I always wear goggles with a strap, even in a lay-down bed (proper eye protection is very important people! You shouldn't be able to see any light when you move your eyes around!), But I'd be comfortable using these without because they fit my face so well. They are made of hard plastic, but they edges are very smooth so they are extremely comfortable. I wish more salons offered these instead of Sunnies or Peepers.

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