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Australian Gold G GENTLEMEN Natural Bronzer - 8.5 oz.

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Tanning base builder for MEN!

Indulge in our unique base of coconut water for a superior, hydrated feel with a blend of natural bronzers for immediate dark results.

  • Instant Dark Bronzers: Natural bronzers provide instant streak-free, maintenance-free deep results
  • Hydrating Coconut Water Base: Concentrated amount of Coconut Fruit Juice regenerates, revitalizes and softens for healthy, dark color
  • CellActive® Complex: Unique blend specifically formulated for tough male skin increases skin resilience while locking in moisture for longer-lasting hydration
  • ColorGuard™ Tattoo Technology: The "Magic Herb", Tiger Grass, is a moisture-seal blend that helps prevent tattoos from fading
  • Drive the ladies crazy with this Rugged fragrance

It's no secret that guys are much different from ladies, but the differences that separate men and women don't stop at the obvious traits. Even a man's skin is different from a woman's, which is why so many men have a difficult time obtaining great results from ordinary tanning formulas that are typically made for women.

The Australian Gold G GENTLEMEN Natural Bronzer is a product made especially for guys and is the ideal solution for gents who want a long-lasting, natural-looking tan. The Instant Dark Bronzers in the formula produce the darkest possible results without the use of DHA, ensuring that your tan will be even and flawless.

The Australian Gold G GENTLEMEN Natural Bronzer uses the CellActive Complex to fight premature fading. This proprietary blend of ingredients is uniquely formulated for the thicker, tougher skin of guys and helps lock moisture into the skin tissue to prevent peeling and flaking. The bronzer features a coconut water base that makes it nourishing without feeling heavy on the skin. ColorGuard Tattoo Technology is also included in the bronzer to keep body art vibrant.


Reviews (5)

Jesse 21st May 2019

Good Stuff

Smells great, but doesn't completely get rid of that after tan smell. It's not noticeable though. I mostly smell like a nice light cologne after tanning. I know it's a natural bronzer without DHA, but I wish it gave me a little more color. I've used other natural bronzers that provide way more color. All in all, it's good for the price, and I'd recommend it to anyone that wants a manly smelling lotion and isn't worried about getting a ton of extra color.

Dave 22nd Jan 2019

Grear product

Used this lotion for over 3 years. Works great, has a great smell and improves skin condition and tone. Highly recommend.

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