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Australian Gold Hardcore Black Bronzer - .5 oz. Packet

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A blend of bronzers in the product primes the skin for the ultraviolet energy, amplifying your color to the blackest look possible. In addition, color perfectors continue to darken the shade of your tan for hours after your sessions to create long-lasting, intense results.

  • Enticing Hemp Seed Oil: Firms, conditions and moisturizes for radiant, hydrated skin
  • Wicked Skin Softeners: Concentrated amount of complete skincare that penetrates deep to reveal sensually smooth, skin
  • 30x Dark Bronzers: Combination of instant and delayed bronzers for longer-lasting natural color
  • Dark Envy fragrance

Curious about how sexy you'd look if you pushed the limits of your tan? Pick up a packet of Australian Gold Hardcore Black Bronzer to recreate your tan and re-envision yourself with a tan as black as night. Once you try this hardcore bronzer formula, you're sure to want to come back for more. The formula has an addicting 30X Dark Bronzer blend, which combines instant and long-acting bronzers to develop color both during your session and over the course of hours that follow it. This potent tanning complex makes the bronzer 30 times more effective than your average tanning lotion.

The Australian Gold Hardcore Black Bronzer works hard to beautify your skin while unleashing the darkest imaginable tan. Hemp seed oil supplies key essential fatty acids to the skin tissue, improving its health and elasticity. Wicked skin softeners restore moisture deep within the skin tissue to leave the skin suppler and so sensually soft that it practically begs to be touched.


Reviews (2)

Shelby 12th Mar 2015


Here's yet another review where I ended up burning again. I won't blame it on the lotion. I started off rubbing it all over making sure to use the whole packet. The scent wasn't anything too overwhelming, so I could see men using this lotion. While I was tanning I was sweating. I don't know if the fans weren't high enough but the lotion pooled around the sides of my lats and left small beads that ended up not tanning. The after tan smell reminded me of french fries (I used to love french fries, but I don't now so it was a tad repulsive.) I'm on the fence of whether I'd buy this again. It's a decent bronzer. Once my tan comes in, I'll know for sure if I like it enough to try it again.

Victoria Macias 20th Jan 2015


I'm really picky when it comes to the way a lotion smells, especially AFTER you get done tanning. While this lotion works fairly well, you end up smelling like a tanning bed when you get out.

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