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Australian Gold HYDRATE by G Gent Moisturizer - 18 oz.

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Lightweight Ultra-Hydrating DermaDark® Tan Extender
With ColorGuard™ Tattoo Technology

Top off that golden G color the right way with this multitasking, fast absorbing and ultra-hydrating tan extender. First, intensely hydrate the skin with a unique blend of silicones that lock moisture to the skin while providing a velvety after-feel. Next, continue to build darker color with DermaDark® that provides gradual color with daily use. Then, energize that rough exterior with a Toning Caffeine Shot, while Hydrating Coconut Water revitalizes and softens for touchably smooth skin. Lastly, keep your ink colorful with ColorGuard™ Tattoo Technology that helps prevent fading. A hydrated bronze glow is the perfect attire for every Gentlemen!

  • Lightweight Ultra-Hydrating DermaDark® Tan Extender: Exceptional blend of silicones and DermaDark® that provide a fast absorbing formula to help moisturize and promote a dark, gorgeous glow
  • Toning Caffeine Shot: Works to help energize and tone skin for improved texture and revitalized complexion
  • Hydrating Coconut Water: Generous amount of Coconut Fruit Juice works to regenerate, revitalize and soften for resilient, dark color
  • ColorGuard™ Tattoo Technology: Tiger Grass creates a moisture-seal blend that helps prevent tattoos from fading
  • Drive the ladies crazy with this Rugged fragrance

Reviews (2)

Jen 11th Apr 2019

Great men’s lotion

I purchased this for my husband. He generally hates lotion. It doesn’t help that most of them have too much of a scent for him. Obviously he wants his tan to last longer like everyone else. This lotion has the same derma dark ingredient to help maintain that dark color without a girly scent. It’s very manly, almost like a woodsy or musky scent. He says he feels sticky but only for a little while. He doesn’t use it if he will be outside sweating because he feels it makes him sticky. He does say it absorbs well if he is inside. I also like that it protects his tattoos from fading. He doesn’t use it daily as he should but it’s a step in the right direction, baby steps....

Michael 15th Feb 2019

Good product for men

Good lotion smells great woodsy fragrance

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