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Australian Gold NUDE AWAKENING Bronzer with Body Blush - 10 oz.

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This 20th Dimension Bare-It-All Bronzer combines Natural Bronzers for instant, dark flawless color and Melanin Activators that stimulate for darker, developed color. The BodyBlush™ Blend brings your color alive with a blushed flow while Bio-Active Bronzing Minerals strengthen and soften for touchable, smooth skin.

  • BodyBlush™ Blend: Energizes skin for optimal color results and a rosy flushed finish
  • 20th Dimension Bare-It-All Bronzer: High-level of Natural Bronzers blend flawlessly together with Melanin Activators for instant dark results and deeper, gorgeous color
  • Bio-Active Bronzing Minerals: 92 essential minerals, including Copper, for healthier, stronger skin and a visibly alluring appearance
  • Forever Flawless Finish: Leaves skin with a touchable, powder-like feel
  • Paraben-Free
  • Berry Buff fragrance

Want to work on your tan but don't want your skin to lose its rosy glow? With Australian Gold NUDE AWAKENING Bronzer, you can build a gorgeous tan while keeping your skin's natural undertones looking vibrant for results that you're sure to love. The formula includes a Twentieth Dimension Bare It All Bronzer that greatly enhances the skin's ability to produce melanin when exposed to UV in the tanning bed. In addition, the formula uses a revolutonary BodyBlush Blend to encourage that rosy glow to remain at its most vibrant with every tanning session.

Every application of Australian Gold NUDE AWAKENING Bronzer treats the skin to the nourishment of a Bio-Active Bronzing Complex. Comprised by over 90 essential minerals, the bronzer helps to support good skin health, so that the tissue remains firmer, stronger and more youthful. This unique bronzer has a Forever Flawless Finish that leaves skin looking matte and feeling incredibly soft and silky to the touch.


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Courtney Waid/swimuk9296 24th Dec 2016

Solid Natural Bronzer

This is a solid natural bronzer that every tanner -- beginner or vet, light or dark, young or old -- needs in their rotation. The scent is amazing and has wide appeal in my opinion, and the lotion itself is not too dark. It is super-moisturizing too.

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