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Australian Gold ROCK CULTURE Bronzer - 10 oz.

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30th Multi-Dimensional Rule-Breaking Bronzer
Embellished Stone Blend

Shatter your tanning plateau with this 30th Multi-Dimensional Rule-Breaking Bronzer that will have you looking and feeling like a true rick star. Start the show with Natural Bronzers that deliver unbelievable instant results and then amp things up with Mahakanni that provides delayed development. Lastly, DHA blended flawlessly with Erythrulose, leads the encore for the darkest color possible that lasts days longer. Embellished Stone Blend helps polish and protect for a youthful flow while Bio-Active Bronzing Minerals strengthen and soften for touchable, smooth skin. Be fearless, step into the spotlight and show everyone that you are a part of the Rock Culture™!

  • 30th Multi-Dimensional Rule-Breaking Bronzer: A powerful blend of Natural Bronzers, Mahakanni and DHA for amazing instant results, delayed color development and even darker bronze perfection
  • Embellished Stone Blend: Dazzling combination of Diamonds, Pearls, Opal and Turquoise add vitality and polish skin for a beautiful tanning canvas
  • Bio-Active Bronzing Minerals: 92 essential minerals for a visibly alluring appearance
  • Forever Flawless Finish: Leaves skin with a touchable, powder-like feel
  • Paraben Free
  • Feel like a VIP with this Sparkling Peach Bellini fragrance

Reviews (2)

Mikayle 16th Mar 2018

Rock Culture

This lotion gives you a very natural color, not orange. After 2 uses I noticed a huge difference in color. It smells good before tanning, and no funky ATO.

jessica 4th Aug 2016

great color fast!

This to me is a very thick lotion. Goes on well. No weird after tan smell. After one use you can see a color difference

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