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Body Drench Daily Moisturizing Lotion - 1 Gal.

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Keep your skin silky and smooth after your tanning session by slathering on Body Drench Daily Moisturizing Lotion. The formula contains glycerin and jojoba oil, which blanket the skin in a moisture. The hydrating emollients are deeply absorbed by thirsty skin, allowing them to benefit the middle layers of tissue, where new skin is developing. A skin soother and protectant, urea is included in the moisturizer to help fight signs of irritation and shield the skin from harsh environmental conditions.

Rosemary extract and nettle extract are added for their anti-inflammatory benefits, allowing the lotion to accelerate healing for a quick recovery from skin dehydration. The lotion is gentle enough to be used throughout the day and is extra effective when used immediately following a shower or bath.

The Body Drench Daily Moisturizing Lotion is sold at many top tanning salons and luxury spas and is available at a fraction of salon prices through this offer. The lotion comes in an economy-sized, money-saving 1-gallon bottle. A pump is included for easy dispensing.


Reviews (3)

TRACY WINN 19th Mar 2021

1 gal body drench lotion

Fantastic moisture and lasts all day, orders arrive in a very short time

29th Dec 2015

awesome lotion

I don't have the greasy feeling left on my hands when I use this product and my skin at night still looks and feels good. my skin does not feel dry, the best lotion I have ever used.

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