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Body Drench DEEP MOISTURE Body Lotion - 16.9 oz.

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Skin dehydration is a serious skin care concern, especially if you tan. When your skin becomes dry, you're far more likely to experience peeling and flaking after you tan. This can seriously interfere with your efforts to get a perfect golden glow and lead to uncomfortable itching. In addition, skin that is dry is far more likely to show signs of aging and become wrinkled, as it is less pliable and able to bend and stretch as you make facial expressions. Fortunately, you can fight dryness effectively with Body Drench Deep Moisture Body Lotion.

Body Drench Deep Moisture Body Lotion is a luxurious body lotion made for those who tan. Its nourishing blend of hydrators travels deep into the skin to replenish moisture at every level. With regular use, your skin will be softer, have a more even texture and be far less likely to peel. Plus, the formula will delight your senses with its wonderful fragrance. The lotion comes with a convenient pump top.


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