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Body Drench Hemp Daily Moisturizer - 16.9 oz.

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Whether you're new to tanning or a seasoned tanning veteran, the heat and energy produced by the tanning bed can strip your skin of moisture. Dry skin is far more susceptible to wrinkling that properly hydrated tissue, so ensuring that you replenish lost moisture is key to preventing premature aging due to the effects of tanning.

The Body Drench Hemp Daily Moisturizer is an excellent way to combat dehydration. Not only will the formula help your skin remain at its ideal moisture levels, but it also can extend the life of your tan by ensuring that the skin cells remain nourished.

The Body Drench Hemp Daily Moisturizer contains a blend of emollients derived from natural herbs, making its formula gentle and non-irritating.

THC-free hemp seed oil is added to the lotion to provide additional nourishment. Rich in amino acids and essential fatty acids, hemp seed oil helps your skin remain balanced and encouraged the production of new skin cells. The formula is ideal for use after every tanning session and following your daily bath or shower.


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