Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar BLACK CHOCOLATE SECRET RESERVE Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

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Advanced Plateau-Busting 200X Satin Bronzer • Cake Batter™ Cashmere Contouring Blend • Whipped Double Dark Chocolate Creme 

Bake with our most addictive chocolate yet.  Black Chocolate Secret Reserve™ transcends beyond your darkest tan to a new level of bronze with a Satin Finish for an uncanny, soft, almost velvet glow.  A delectable Cake Batter™ blend utilizes a Cashmere and Contouring system for unparalleled moisturizing with a taut & toned appearance.  Rich Chocolate Extracts & Max Silicones are the icing-on-the-top, giving skin a healthy-looking glow with a heavenly softness.   

  • 200X Satin Black Bronzers with DHA evoke the darkest color with a unique uber-soft glow
  • Cake Batter™ Cashmere & Contouring Blend smooths, hydrates, and tones for a youthful appearance
  • Double Dark Chocolate Extracts nourish with potent antioxidants for simply beautiful skin
  • Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, No Animal Testing

Fragrance: Modern White Amber


Reviews (2)

charm72032 23rd Jul 2019

Good stuff!

I've finished this bottle and I can say it's a really good lotion and bronzer. I already had a good dark tan to start and this lotion really ramped it up! It smells lovely, and more unisex -- like a soft, musky, warm cologne type of fragrance. It has a soft, silky texture that isn't greasy, but is very moisturizing and lasts and lasts.

T. Moore 26th Jun 2018

Indoor Tanning Lotion

This Lotion rocks! Nice smell for either man or woman, dark bronzers, and not greasy. Leaves a nice bronze tone without any orangy after effects. My new favorite lotion.

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