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Brown Sugar BLACK HONEY 200X Bronzing Lotion - 13.5 oz. (CLEARANCE)

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Black Honey is an advanced black bronzer that radiates a glow thanks to an exclusive Body Nectar™ Anti-Fade Complex. thanks to an exclusive Body Nectar™ Anti-Fade Complex. Royal Black Honey™ skin firming & toning complex reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles for youthful & vibrant skin.

  • Advanced 200X Black Bronzers are carefully crafted for your darkest tan yet
  • Body Nectar™ Anti-Fade for long lasting color
  • Royal Black Honey™ ultra firming & toning for a vision of youth
  • Max Silicone super-soft emulsion

Hate to wake up every day and see your tan vanishing before your eyes? Sick of having to visit the tanning bed so often to maintain your golden results? Brown Sugar BLACK HONEY 200X Bronzing Lotion is a sweet treat that can help you go for longer between sessions without having to part with your tan color too soon. The amazing Body Nectar Complex featured in the formula helps to extend the life of a tan, keeping color looking rich and golden for longer than ever before. Plus, the formula can leave you up to 200 times darker than your skin could ever be when you tan without the formula.

Brown Sugar BLACK HONEY 200X Bronzing Lotion helps to nourish and protect your skin while you tan, giving you a radiant glow to complement your long-lasting tanning results. The max silicone emulsion allows the formula to melt into your skin to deliver its beneficial ingredients deep into the tissue where they're needed the most.


Reviews (6)

Madison McPartland 20th Apr 2017

NOT the real product

I received my "Black Honey" tanning lotion one day early which I was pleased with, but then I realized it was NOT the product I was expecting. The bottle I received DOES NOT look like the picture of the bottle shown here of Brown Sugar's Black Honey. It also looks cheap and the plastic cover label is sideways and poorly put on. It has a perfume smell, although the lotion does look like a nice brown color. Despite all of this, I decided to try it out. I've used it twice so far and the results are not as good as I was hoping, I do not believe this is a 200x bronzer. I DO NOT recommend buying from this site!

Elizabeth Lang 21st Jan 2016


I started really white and decided to try this one as Eric (from TFL) suggested. I LOVE IT! Smells amazing, leaves skin so smooth even hours after tanning. Now as for the tan I can say it has helped get me a great base tan! No orange showing either. I would say how ever to wash your hands after applying but if you do get stained it doesn't stick/last long.

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