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Brown Sugar CHROMA Instant Black Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

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This ultra advanced black bronzer utilizes an optimum blend of cosmetic and performance DHA bronzing for instant color that crescendos into a stunning, deep bronze. This purity of color is further embellished with an Argan & Coconut Body Butter blend for exquisite skin conditioning & firming.

  • An Argan & Coconut Butter Blend firms & tones for a breathtaking body
  • Body ink is embellished with tattoo enhancing technology
  • Ultra Advanced Instant 200X Black Bronzer is perfection in the purity of color

It's hard to be patient when it comes to tanning, isn't it? You want to step out of the tanning bed looking as dark and radiant as possible, and Brown Sugar CHROMA Instant Black Bronzer is the formula to make your tanning wishes come true. Most bronzers take hours to produce results, so you won't look tan until long after your session. This bronzer is remarkably different as it provides an instant pop of color to satisfy your desires. The cosmetic bronzers give you the immediate color that you've been missing while its 200X black bronzer blend and DHA complexes encourage natural tanning and darken your color results during and after your session.

Brown Sugar CHROMA Instant Black Bronzer doesn't just help your skin look darker. It will also leave your tattoos looking more vibrant with its Body Ink tattoo enhancing technology that enhances the color of body art. Argan oil and coconut butter are also included in the bronzer to hydrate and soften the skin.


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3rd Apr 2017


Didn't get the dark result like I thought I would with this product .

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