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Brown Sugar SPICY BLACK CHOCOLATE Tingle Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

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This advanced black bronzer bestows skin with an extensive bronzing recipe & spicy tingle for the deepest bronze with an unmissable tingle. A heavenly blend of conditioning butters, providing unparalleled feel & glow.

  • Advanced 200X Black Bronzers are carefully crafted for your darkest tan yet
  • Double dark chocolate extract nourishes skin with potent antioxidants
  • A vivid spicy tingle wrapped in a max silicone emulsion invigorates the senses

Sugar and spice and everything nice--that's what a great tan is made of. Brown Sugar SPICY BLACK CHOCOLATE Tingle Bronzer lets you spice things up while being sweet to your skin, so that you can get the dark tanning results that you're craving without having to compromise the softness, smoothness and safety of the skin tissue. With its remarkable Advanced Black bronzing system, this bronzer increases skin's tanning abilities by up to 200 times. Its tingling complex is designed to put an end to tanning plateaus by oxygenating the skin and encouraging rapid darkening.

Meant for experienced tanners, Brown Sugar SPICY BLACK CHOCOLATE Tingle Bronzer helps to keep frequently tanned skin in the best of health. The formula contains double dark chocolate extract, which is rich in vital nutrients. The antioxidants found in chocolate break down the free radicals in UV light before they can harm the skin cells and give rise to signs of aging. Silicones are added to soften and tone the tissue.


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Compared to the same lotion at my salon

This was my first time ordering from and the day I received my order, I took the lotion and compared it to the same lotion at my salon. The smell and color was exactly the same. The tingle in my lotion was as expected and I noticed my skin had turned a shade darker after the first use. Shipping was also fast. I'd recommend this seller.

15th Mar 2017

on mild side

Not hot. Doesn't give me a bit of tingle. It's a great smelling lotion that does darken but not with any "spiciness"

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