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California Tan SPF 30 Sunscreen Broad Spectrum Lotion - 4.5 oz.

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Helps prevent sunburn.

  • Broad Spectrum SPF 30
  • Water Resistant (80 minutes)
  • Oil Free
  • Vitatan®
  • Enriched with antioxidants Green Tea and Coleous Root
  • Moisturize and condition your skin with the super fruit power of Goji Berry Extract
Active ingredients:
  • Avobenzone 3%
  • Homosalate 7.5%
  • Octisalate 5%
  • Octocrylene 2.75%
  • Oxybenzone 2%

The California Tan SPF15 Sunscreen Broad Spectrum Lotion makes it easy to adequately protect your skin from the sun when you're spending time outdoors. The formula contains a blend of three FDA-approved sunscreens: avobenzone 2 percent, octocrylene 5 percent and oxybenzone 2.75 percent.

Together, the sunscreens protect the skin from UVA rays, the intense energy that penetrates the outer layers of skin and causes the cellular damage that leads to wrinkles and skin cancer. The broad-spectrum protection also absorbs UVB rays, the energy that causes sunburn.

Designed to reduce the need for frequent reapplications, the California Tan SPF15 Sunscreen Broad Spectrum Lotion is waterproof and can remain effective while you're in the water for up to 80 minutes.

The formula is oil-free, so it won't clog your pores and lead to breakouts, even if you have acne-prone skin. Enriched with Vitatan and green tea extract, the sunscreen also offers antioxidant protection, which further limits the amount of cellular damage that occurs when you're soaking in the sun.



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