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Designer Skin ADORE Exclusive 21X Black Label Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

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Break out of the ordinary and slip into something fabulous!
  • Limitless Tanning Complexe™ features Dopa, a Melanin precursor, which helps activate the tanning process and eliminate restrictions on dark color potential 
  • MelanINK™ Bronzer, a natural form of Melanin,  helps promote darker color, while Quicksun™ Color Tint provides instant streak-free color with a matte finish for a more added dimension 
  • Skin Activated Moisture™ Technology features a unique conditioning system that melts at skin temperature to provide a moisturized, luxurious feel
  • Mega Magical Silicone Emulsion provides maximum hydration and protection while imparting skin with a velvety soft finish to leave skin looking as good as it feels
  • Fragrance: Sweet Vanilla Musk

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Haley Brown 13th Jul 2018


This has to be my least favorite designer skin lotion. It feels amazing going on your skin and does smell good but it’s very disappointing if you are looking to see results. I bought a bottle and I’m just trying to use it up so it doesn’t go to waste. I think this lotion is best for fair skin people. I’m an advanced tanner and this lotion didn’t work for me.

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