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Designer Skin ANGEL Daily Moisturizer - 20 oz.

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  • Enriched with Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado Oil and Vitamins A, E and C
  • Phytoage and Alpha Lipoic Acid provide powerful anti-aging benefits
  • White Birch Extract and Copper PCA visibly improve skin's firmness and texture
  • Fragrance: Kiwi Pear

Frequent tanning can do wicked things to your skin like cause wrinkles, elasticity loss, flakiness, peeling and chronic dehydration. The Designer Skin ANGEL Daily Moisturizer Anti-Aging and Firming Lotion is a guardian angel for those who love to tan and will help to keep your skin feeling heavenly despite frequent tanning sessions.

Hemp seed oil and avocado oil soak into the skin tissue with every application, fighting dryness by restoring skin's ideal moisture levels.

This not only prevents flaking and peeling, but it also makes the skin more resilient and less likely to form furrows or creases.

To help keep the skin looking youthful, the Designer Skin ANGEL Daily Moisturizer Anti-Aging and Firming Lotion contains a powerful age-fighting complex. The formula uses alpha lipoic acid and vitamins A, C and E to reduce oxidative damage as well as Designer Skin's proprietary wrinkle-busting Phytoage complex. Copper PCA and white birch extract are added to firm the skin tissue.

The moisturizing lotion has a delicious kiwi scent that you're sure to find angelic.


Reviews (53)

Lea 1st Aug 2021

Truly fabulous lotion

This is a fantastic daily lotion with a great smell that is not over powering. I have used so many daily lotions and they all continue to dry my skin out. This lotion truly works! It also enhances your color! . I just bought another bottle today and plan to use it during the winter!

Lea 1st Aug 2021

Fabulous Lotion

I have use so many daily lotions only to have my skin continue to be dry and flaky. This lotion is truly great! It seems to enhance your color and truly adds a dose of moisture to your skin. I use this daily regardless if I am tanning or not. I just ordered another bottle today and plan to use it during the cold winter months. You won’t be disappointed!

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