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Designer Skin BELLE Natural Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

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Darling Natural Bronzer

MelaLift Skin Energy + Beloved Toning Blend

  • MelaLift Skin Energy targets the special form of melanin needed for the naturally fair-skinned to achieve dark, rich color
  • Natural Bronzers, Caramel and Banana, work to boost additional color development instantly
  • Soothing and toning blend of Caffeine and Coffee help tighten and calm skin after tanning
  • Sip on the flirty fragrance cocktail of Summer Sangria while soaking up the Southern sun
  • Fragrance: Summer Sangria

Reviews (7)

Haley Brown 25th Jul 2018


I am an advanced tanner and this gave me a great natural color boost. I was hesitant to buy it because I heard it was best for fair skin people but I’m pretty dark and I got noticeable results. I’m definitely happy that I bought it. It’s nice to take a break from DHA bronzers and use something natural as still get results! Plus it smells amazing!

Lindsay Borchak 16th May 2017

Not very Bronzing - too light & gentle

In my opinion this lotion doesn't have much to it. It didn't have any bronzing effect on my skin. I am a more advanced tanner and didn't mean to order something for "FAIR" skin. This is a very gentle light product for fair skin that can't handle dark bronzing.

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