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Designer Skin BITTERSWEET Tan Extender - 16 oz.

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Designer Skin BITTERSWEET Tan Extender - 16 oz.

- Wondrous Daily Tan Extender
- Dream Beam Elixir

  • Dream Beam Elixir provides an instant subtle highlight to leave skin looking luminous
  • Coconut Oil and Safflower Oil work to promote increased moisturization to help prolong color and leave skin feeling soft
  • Glistening Skin Blend adds the finishing touch as it helps to brighten and smooth skin
  • Fragrance: Papaya Mimosa



Reviews (2)

Kim 15th Aug 2019

Magical Moisturizer

I used the Juicy tan extender by DS for years and last time i went to order it, it was sold out. I saw this one, and bc i love unicorns and know DS makes quality products I went ahead and purchased it. It is a little thick, has a tint and some lustre, but all around it has been a wonderful addition to my DS lotion collection. PS- you will either love or hate the smell. Either way, try it.

Jennifer 16th May 2019


Overall, mostly satisfied with this lotion. I typically do not like DS because of the silicone emulsion texture-but this is not that texture. Design flaw by not adding a pump as it is hard to get the lotion out-especially once you have lotion on your hands. It does turn white on your skin so you really have to rub it in. Hydration decent. Smell is wonderful- like a pineapple smoothie.

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