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Designer Skin ELUSIVE 50X Bronzer with TanEntice Elixir - .5 oz. Packet

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Breakthrough 50X Bronzer utilizes a combination of three tanning processes – Immediate Bronzing, Melanin Activated Bronzing and Delayed Bronzing – to help provide optimal color enrichment.

  • TanEntice Elixir™, scientifically designed to work in conjunction with the 50X bronzer, utilizes an Amino Acid to help increase Melanin production and distribution
  • When used in combination with UV Light, ChronoReset™ Anti-Aging Synchronization can help restore your Circadian Clock, improving skin’s function, hydration and appearance, while also serving as a precursor to Vitamin D production
  • Time Release Fragrance provides a long lasting effect, leaving everyone you meet with the memory of your signature scent
  • Fragrance: Dewy Ozonic Lily

Reviews (2)

LACEY ADAMS 6th Feb 2017

Golden Brown Result

I have a bottle of this, and I really LOVE it. The smell is the only thing I had to get past. My friend has it and loves the maybe its just me ( a little too perfumey/floral) The color I got was a gorgeous golden brown and as the day/ night went on I got darker. The color doesn't fade as fast as some other products I have used. Its a good investment for serious tanners.

Kayla Mussehl 13th Nov 2014

DS Elusive 50X Bronzer

This was my latest purchase and it just came in the mail to me the other day, and today was the day where I planned on using it! My hopes were extremely high and let me tell you, I was NOT let down! I'll be able to get two more uses out of this packet, which is a pleasant surprise because other packets that I try out only are a one time use for me! The smell of this lotion I thought was going to be very powerful because anything flowery smelling usually is. Elusive fragrance is "Dewey Ozonic Lily" and like all DS products there is nothing like this scent! It's so light and pretty I would have no problem tanning with this lotion in the morning on leaving it on the rest of the day! No need for a perfume! Cannot wait to purchase the bottle on here! Another A++ Designer Skin keep up the great work! xoxo

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