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Designer Skin GLAMOUR GODDESS 300X Sizzle Intensifier - .5 oz. Packet

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300X Sizzle Complex helps provide immediate color through an ultra intense tingle and reddening sensation, while dark tanning intensifiers help provide necessary nutrients to achieve deep, dark color without the use of DHA.

  • Eternal Goddess Anti-Aging Skincare contains Hibiscus Flower, rich in Vitamin C and Organic Acids, to help regenerate skin cells and improve tone for a youthful appearance
  • Divine Antioxidant Formulation features Camu Camu Fruit and Grape Seed Oil to help nourish skin and protect it from harsh environmental factors
  • Fragrance: Coconut Lime

If you really want to be a goddess when you emerge from the tanning bed, you have to be willing to turn up the heat. By applying Designer Skin Glamour Goddess 300X Sizzle Intensifier before your tanning session, you'll have your skin primed and ready for UV exposure, so that melanin production can begin much more rapidly. The formula awakens the skin cells with a very intense sizzling complex that causes oxygen-rich blood to rush to the skin tissue. As the skin reddens, it becomes ready for pigment manufacturing, allowing the bronzing blend to be maximally effective. This allows the formula to produce deep, gorgeous tanning results without the need for DHA.

A true goddess retains her youthfulness for all eternity, and you, too, can hang onto the healthy look of your skin, thanks to the anti-aging ingredients in Designer Skin Glamour Goddess 300X Sizzle Intensifier. The blend of hibiscus, vitamin C and organic acids shield the skin from free radical damage while encouraging collagen production.


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