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Designer Skin SOMETHING FIERCE Natural Bronzer - 10 oz.

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Extreme Bronzing Complex features Seaweed and Black Walnut to deliver instant dark color.

  • Ultra Conditioning Blend will leave skin feeling smooth and hydrated throughout the day
  • Essential Vitamins help even skin tone while helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles for softer, younger-looking skin
  • Tropical Punch fragrance

Want do you want to be? Something simple? Something basic? Something that blends in with the crowd? Or do you want to be something dazzling? Something head-turning? Something fierce from head to toe? If you refuse to settle for a lackluster glow from your tanning sessions, make Designer Skin SOMETHING FIERCE Natural Bronzer your ferociously fabulous tanning companion and maximize your tanning potential. Not only do the ingredients in this natural bronzer encourage melanin production to make the skin as dark as possible, but they also leave the skin instantly darker with a fierce dose of color-enhancing black walnut oil.

Designer Skin SOMETHING FIERCE Natural Bronzer helps to meet skin's need for nourishment to promote a more youthful look, a firmer texture and a healthy glow. In addition to an assortment of essential skin vitamins, the formula also contains brown seaweed to remineralize the tissue and an Ultra Conditioning Blend to promote softer, smoother tissue with each and every tanning session.


Reviews (2)

Brenna 16th Feb 2015

Fantastic smell, pretty good color

I LOVE the clean and light smell of this lotion. My boyfriend always comments how nice I smell the days I tan, so that's a huge bonus! The color is good but with extensive tanning, I'm starting to get just a little bit of an orange tint. Otherwise, absolutely incredible lotion! Love it a ton and definitely recommend!

PK 16th Feb 2015


Not that good. Not as good as other tanning lotions.

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