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Designer Skin SPELLBOUND ENTRANCED Silicone Emulsion - .5 oz. Packet

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Mesmerizing 24X Black Label Private Reserve™

DS ProBronze Extend™ with Darkest Delight Color Elixir™

Magical Silicone Emulsion

  • The enchanting power of DS ProBronze Extend™ blends with potent tanning Peptides, Tyrosine and Black Walnut to create this Mesmerizing 24X Bronzer
  • Darkest Delight Color Elixir™ contains Wild Indigo and Black Tea to highlight the darkest tones in your skin to enrich the beauty of your tan
  • Mega Magical Silicone miraculously blurs fine lines and promotes prolonged color as it melts into your skin for the most luxurious tanning experience
  • Sheer Blossom Fragrance with notes of Pear Nectar, Fresh Petals and Amber helps you maintain a captivating allure after tanning
  • Fragrance: Sheer Blossom

Come...Fall under the spell all over again with Designer Skin Spellbound Entranced!  Calling upon the power of the most mystifying bronzers from our Black Label Private Reserve, this majestic dark tanning potion has been conjured to perfection.  Designer Skin exclusive DS ProBronze Extend imparts the skin with alluring color while Darkest Delight Color Elixir amplifies the natural beauty of your tan...instantly!  Do you believe in magic?!


Reviews (5)

Katie Riley 11th Aug 2017

too pricey

The best part of this lotion is the fantastic smell. The color isn't very great especially for the price. I don't see why people rave about it so much

17th Apr 2017

smells amazing

I really loved the smell of the lotion. And I got pretty good color out of the packet. However, I wouldn't buy a bottle. I didn't see what all the hype was about. I've gotten better results off of cheaper lotions.

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