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Devoted Creations LE MOMENT Bronzing Formula - 13.5 oz. (CLEARANCE)

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Le Moments fast acting, long lasting bronzing formula will revolutionize the way you look at tanning lotion. This handcrafted formula is rich in anti-aging and skin perfecting ingredients so the color results and condition of your skin will transform to realm incomparable tanning heights. Plateau breaking, 24 Hour moisture system with tattoo & color fade protectors.

  • Kollaren - Potent skin conditioner, collagen production peptide
  • Snow Algea Powder - Rejuvenates your look at the cellular level
  • Intenslim™ - Helps to breakdown skins stored fat accumulation
  • Renovage™ - Firms, hydrates & plumps the skin
  • PhyToCelltec™ - Protects longevity of skin while combating chronological aging & preserving youthful look of skin
  • SunXtend™ - Helps prevent color fading amd prolongs the life of your tan
  • FreshTek Technology – a proprietary blend of deodorizing and skin freshening ingredients
  • Blushing Suede fragrance

Do you want to look tan right this moment or weeks from now? If you're struggling to get the instant tanning gratification that you deserve, it's time to seize the moment and treat your skin to Devoted Creations LE MOMENT Bronzing Formula. This bronzer helps to maximize the results possible with each tanning session, so that your color can be as dark and vibrant as possible. A proven plateau breaker, the bronzer can take coloration to the next level, so you can begin to see results in terms of deeper color. SunXTend is also added to the bronzer to promote longer lasting tanning results that you ever thought possible.

Each time that you apply Devoted Creations LE MOMENT Bronzing Formula, you'll be working to correct sagging skin, lost suppleness and signs of aging that have developed due to age or UV exposure. The formula combines Kollaren, Renovage, PhyToCelltec and snow algae powder to promote firmer tissue while repairing and rejuvenating tired, damaged tissue.


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