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Devoted Creations LIL BIT COUNTRY Creme Bronzer - 12.25 oz. (Clearance)

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Deep down BB creme bronzer with skin tightening and toning technology and superior moisturization.

  • Hemp Seed Oil - Gives skin hydration and contains Amino Acids that are naturally high in vitamins, proteins and antioxidants
  • Tattoo Fade Protector - Protects the color and luster of tattoos
  • L22 - Botanically derived to help increase long and short-term skin hydration
  • BodyFit™ - Reduces the apperance of cellulite and promotes firmness

Yee haw! Like a cowgirl who is perfectly tan from days of roping cattle under the hot sun, you can show off your country chic and sexy side with the help of Devoted Creations LIL BIT COUNTRY Creme Bronzer. This formula is designed to meet the unique needs of dry skin while fueling the tanning process to give you darker skin than you ever thought possible. The product provides a complex of natural bronzers that work together to trigger the release of melanin. As a result, your color will develop much more quickly and remain darker for longer.

Devoted Creations LIL BIT COUNTRY Creme Bronzer helps to keep normal to dry skin from becoming parched and irritated due to tanning. A botanical complex called L22 provides instant hydrating benefits and works with hemp seed oil to reduce the risk of future dryness. BodyFit firms the skin upon application while helping to encourage the metabolism of cellulite to promote smoother skin.



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Kayla Davis 22nd Jun 2018

Lil Bit Country

This was the first lotion I used when I started tanning. I love Taylor and her lotions! Great smell- no ATO

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