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Devoted Creations PLATINUM INDULGENCE Moisturizer - 13.5 oz.

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Silky Silicone Tan Extending Moisturizer with Silk Extracts.

This tan extending moisturizer will leave your skin feeling like nothing you've ever experienced before. The silicone formula will lock in moisture while the silk extract creates a unique feel that lasts all day!
Fragrance: Platinum Bombshell

Don't settle for gold that fades all too quickly. Use Devoted Creations PLATINUM INDULGENCE Moisturizer to increase your tan's staying power, so you can go on to earn a platinum. This moisturizer was formulated especially for the needs of tanners and works to extend the life of your tan as effectively as it hydrates your skin to fight signs of dryness. Cocoa and shea butters lead the formula and melt into the skin to condition and hydrate it. These natural emollients will leave your skin softer to the touch and help prevent peeling and flaking.

Because dry skin often is marred by signs of aging, the Devoted Creations PLATINUM INDULGENCE Moisturizer contains wrinkle-fighting ALA Technology. This proprietary scientific complex helps to rejuvenate the skin cells, so that they can recover from the effects of tanning and environmental impurities. With regular use, damaged cells can begin to manufacture new structural proteins, strengthening the skin and making fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable.


Reviews (4)

Heather 8th May 2018

Smells Amazing!

This is a great moisturizer! After applying right after tanning it keeps my skin so hydrated and really feeling silky and smooth! It smells so good!

Wendy Conner 5th Jun 2017

Great Moisturizer

This item is a great moisturizer to use after tanning. It gives you that glowing look.

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