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Ed Hardy DIE HARD BLACK Black Bronzer - 10 oz.

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Maximum Strength Black Bronzing Lotion
Formulated for Immediate Long Lasting Results 

“Your tanning plateau has met its match! Die Hard Black’s™ supreme darkening formula will take you to new tanning heights…No need to wait, get dark and stay dark starting now. Melanobronze™ will stimulate melanin activity to help you achieve optimum color, faster. We are extremely Die Hard about your color so you don’t have to be!”


  • Rapid Release DHA, Natural and Cosmetic bronzers
  • Melanin Stimulators 
  • Skin Tightening and Toning
  • Super Fruit Antioxidants 
  • Hemp Seed Oil, Macadamia Nut & Almond Oil
  • Sweet Pomegranate Fragrance

Reviews (4)

Amy Phillips 20th Apr 2021

Not Impressed

The smell of this product is ok. It fades quickly after the tan though. It doesn't leave me smelling bad, so I'm ok with that. However, I had to used it 3 or 4 times before I started to see results. And then after a shower, it is as if the results are gone immediately. It doesn't last! I've used other Ed Hardy tanning products and this does not seem to be up to their standards of quality. I will say that this lotion did leave my skin feeling very silky and soft. It will stain your hands so be sure to wash them quickly after applying. Also, be sure to rub the lotion in well because it will leave you streaky if you don't!

Alicia Pacheco 12th Mar 2019


I’ve used this product for several years but my local tanning salon closed so I had to purchase this lotion online. The product I used is a knock off, with the real product I get instant results, with the lotion I received from Tanforless I have yet to see any results. The bottle doesn’t even have an Ed hardy logo like the bottle pictures. I would give zero stars, but the shipping was quick.

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