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Emerald Bay DEFINITELY BLACK Boosting Bronzer Repair - 8.5 oz.

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Rich, deep dark exotic bronzer.

If your skin is beginning to show signs of damage from frequent tanning, you can help it recover without taking a break from the tanning bed by using Emerald Bay DEFINITELY BLACK Boosting Bronzer Repair. This formula helps you intensify the color of your tan while promoting healing to get your skin back into shape without having to compromise the depth of your color.

The bronzing blend accelerates pigmentation to push your color closer to black, and DHA is added to the formula to enhance the tone of your tan and help it last longer.

The Emerald Bay DEFINITELY BLACK Boosting Bronzer Repair uses a blend of tropical extracts to nourish your skin. Agave nectar and safflower oil provide the cells with key nutrients that can power your body's natural ability to rejuvenate your skin tissue.

Vitamin E is contained in the formula to protect the skin from further wrinkle-producing stress, while aloe vera extract conditions the tissue and fights irritation.


Reviews (2)

Jackie Hart-Brown 13th Jul 2020

Best lotion!!

I absolutely love this lotion!! No orange and great smelling!!

wesley nelsen 22nd Apr 2016

awesome stuff

i just recently came back to this product after starting to tan again and paying over $80 for some products at a salon that was completely worthless. i will stick with this product from now on

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