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Fake Bake THE FACE Anti-Aging Self-Tanning Lotion with Matrixyl-3000® - 2 oz.

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You've made the switch to sunless tanning to protect your skin from the aging effects of UV, but what about the damage that's already been done to your complexion from years of tanning? The Fake Bake THE FACE Anti-Aging Self-Tanning Lotion is a unique formula that addresses signs of aging while giving your face the perfect sunless glow.

The formula includes a proprietary blend of self-tanning ingredients that stimulate darkening upon application. The perfectly balanced blend gives skin a natural looking appearance that is never orange, brassy or streaky. Because the self-tanner is designed specifically for the complexion, it is lightweight and will not clog the pores.

To help fight signs of aging, the Fake Bake THE FACE Anti-Aging Self-Tanning Lotion contains an advanced blend of peptides. These building blocks of proteins help to strengthen the tissue, tightening areas of loose skin around the eyes, mouth and jawline. These peptides are used in some of the world's best and most expensive anti-aging treatments, but are available exclusively in this sunless tanner at a fraction of the price of most wrinkle creams.

  • Anti-Aging
  • Self-Tanning Lotion
  • with Matrixyl-3000®

Reviews (2)

Michelle 25th Feb 2019

Face tanner

When I 1st put it on before bed it scared me that it wasn’t going to blend in. But it did. So thought in the morning after I washed it off it would give me even a little bit of a tan but it didn’t do anything except make my pillow stink.

Cathy 16th Oct 2017


Don’t like! I thought it was to rub on face to help tan before you lay in the tanning bed

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