Hempz BLACK VIPER 20X Black Bronzer - 8.5 oz.

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This aggressively dark 20X black bronzer with DHA provides visciously dark color while a potent blend of Black Bamboo and Mushroom extracts soothes skin leaving it feeling strikingly soft. 

  • Black Bamboo and Mushroom Extracts help your skin look soft and smooth for the perfect bronze glow.
  • 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil helps hydrate and condition skin with moisture for long lasting color.
  • Hypnotic Dark Coconut fragrance
  • Paraben Free, THC Free.

Like a viper's bite injecting venom into its prey, Hempz BLACK VIPER 20X Black Bronzer infuses the skin with a viciously powerful formula that leads to remarkable tanning results. This formula slays tanning plateaus and pushes color darker with every use. At the same time, it is free of parabens, so it protects the tissue from allergens to make it deceptively gentle. The bronzer complex used in the product increases tanning potential by 20 times the usual, leading to much deeper, blacker results. DHA is also added to the product to gradually enhance color for hours after your session.

Hempz BLACK VIPER 20X Black Bronzer is enriched with natural ingredients that help to promote healthier skin while pushing your bronzing capabilities to their limits. Black bamboo and mushroom extracts work together to smooth and soften the tissue, while hemp seed oil replaces lost moisture. Featuring an exotic coconut fragrance, the bronzer helps tans look darker and last longer for results so sexy they just might be deadly.


Reviews (2)

Amanda Burdine Van den Bosch 9th May 2020

Awesome Bronzer

I love this bronzer when I first start back tanning, if I haven't in awhile. Doesn't have a bad odor and isn't sticky. Great bronzer all around.

mary 15th Feb 2017


This produce has a wonderful smell but really doesn't keep that bronze look after the tanning bed. Love the hemp.

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